Aptera - Rethymno - Monastery Arkadiou

Aptera - Rethymno - Monastery Arkadiou

Monastery of ArkadiThe archaelogical site of Aptera is situated at the Southeast of Chania with a good view all around the area. It has been an active city-state after due to its location it controlled exchanged and commercial activities, as a result it was one of the most important Doric city-states of Crete. The most important ruins are the walls of the Doric city cyclopean like, the cisterns of the Roman period, the “two part” sanctuary of the 5th – 4th century and the tombs of Geometric times.

RethymnoContinuing in the old town of Rethymno you will see the minarets of Ottoman mosque, the lighthouse harbor as well as the Venetian fortress on the hill of the castle. Rethymno is a unique monument of architecture and tradition and simultaneously space of natural beauty. Next station is the Monastery of Arkadi which is certainly the most historic monastery of Crete and has become the most sacred symbol of the struggle of the Cretans for Freedom. Indeed UNESCO has designated Arkadi as a European Freedom Monument.


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